...end of beginnings... Group exhibition at Mandell's Gallery, Norwich 2016

...end of beginnings...

7th - 27th August

As part of the celebration to mark the50th anniversary of Mandell's gallery 11 younger artists are brought together in part to mark where the gallery is now, in part to indicate where its future may lie.

All 11 have left formal education some way in their wake and have forged reputations that have expanded, some to international level. And despite this, or maybe because of it, many have streamed off into differing directions – running galleries and art collectives, being involved in film, music and animation and educational projects to those great standbys of putting bread on the table, shop work, gardening and cleaning. Most importantly, all continue to produce work of the highest order.

All seem unfettered by movements, theories or –isms, yet the work has a distinct clarity of voice , in all cases fresh and very much of now.  But if they have little in common and share few stylistic traits maybe they are brought together by something far stronger. In a world where the gap between intention and reality, between rhetoric and understanding seems ever widening they bring an assured, sometimes quiet understatement and integrity to all that they do.

We hope this is a show that stimulates interests and maybe provokes and leads to the feeling that the future is in safe hands and this future is now.

Martin Battye    July 2016